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The Scottish Rite is based upon Blue Lodge Masonry and in this country it does not confer the first three degrees. This is recognized as the unquestioned prerogative of the Grand Lodge. The Scottish Rite confers the degrees from the forth to the thirty-third inclusive. They are not truly higher or advanced Degrees in any sense other than their numbering. Rather they reach into Symbolic Lodge teachings to clarify and inspire. Many questions raised by the Blue Lodge Masons, but left unanswered, are answered in the Scottish Rite. At all times it recognizes the supreme authority in Masonry of the Grand Lodge and the Grand Master. It teaches that there is no rank higher than that of Master Mason, and no Masonic symbol more significant than the Master's Apron, but it elaborates and emphasizes the great principles enshrined in Craft Masonry.

When a Master Mason advances to the degrees of the Scottish Rite, it does not detract but adds to his interest in everything for which the Clue Lodge stands. It deepens his appreciation of it, and motivates him to more active participation in its affairs. The Scottish Rite aids, supplements and reinforces the Blue Lodge in every way. As organizations these bodies are mutually dependent and strengthen each other with reciprocity.

The Scottish Rite is a rite of enlightenment. Its purpose is to spread the light of Masonic truth by revealing and explaining matters concealed or only hinted at in Craft Masonry. Knowledge is power and the Scottish Rite seeks to arm its votaries with moral and spiritual understanding.

Our Supreme Council Statutes prescribe that every Scottish Rite member must maintain his good standing in his Symbolic Lodge or automatically forfeit his Scottish Rite membership.


Scottish Rite Freemasonry challenges no man's political creed, leaving that to his country and himself; it does not interfere with any man's religious opinion, leaving that a matter between his God and his conscience, and yet it does seek to impress by most sublime and beautiful lessons, enforced by the most profound reasoning the almighty power of truth, appealing to the highest and purest sentiments of the human soul for the enforcement of its principles. Ignorance, tyranny and fanaticism are its foes. Liberty, equality, and fraternity are its watch words.


Latin phrases familiar to Scottish Rite Masons:

"Deus Meumque Jus"--God and My Right

"Spes Mea in Deo Est"--My Hope is in God

"Laborare Est Orare"--To Work is to Worship

"Ordo ab Chao"--Order out of Chaos

"Fiat Lux et Lux Fit"--Let there be Light and there is Light

"In Hoc Signo Vinces"--By this sign thou shalt conquer

"Lux e Tenebris"--Light out of Darkness



The Knights of St. Andrew is a service organization established to assist the Director of Work in his official duties, and to recognize worthy members of the Rite. Members of the order perform ceremonial duties in traditional Scottish costume and otherwise assist in the presentation of the degree work of the Scottish Rite.

Only members of the McAlester Scottish Rite who have not been honored with the title of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor are eligible for general membership in the order. Membership in the Knights of St. Andrews is by invitation only. 


The Order of the Symbolic Chain commonly known as the "Chain Gang", was organized in 1933 at McAlester Consistory by 14 young Scottish Rite members. It has only one purpose--to give service in behalf of our Consistory. Members under 40 years of age wear red ribbons supporting the chain medallion; those over wear purple ribbons. The ribbon worn by Charter Members of the Mother Chapter is gold in color. When you see such a ribbon, regardless of color, don't hesitate to call upon the wearer for assistance. His willingness to help you is the only reason he is wearing it. One of the Chain Gang's principal functions is the operation of the Concession Stand.


The Bluebill Flight, Royal Order of the Duck was chartered in February, 1944. The Mother Chapter is located at the Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies of Dallas, Texas. The members of this organization are commonly referred to as "The Ducks". The purpose of the Order is to provide services related to the staging of the degrees, assisting the organized degree teams in the communication and exemplification of degrees, and such other duties as may be desired by proper authority, thereby enhancing the proficiency, cooperation, fellowship and harmony of the Scottish Rite.

To qualify for membership in the Order, one must be a member in good standing in the Scottish Rite, accepted by the Director of the department for duty within his department, have his name registered with the Quill Driver, and serve in his department at three scheduled activities where staging is required. He must then be recommended by his Department Director and be duly elected by the "Duck" membership at a Regular Meeting.